Student Attendance / Absence Policy

Part-time (PT) Students

In order for our students to successfully progress through our language acquisition program, all students enrolled in classes are required to attend class every day.

  • Attendance/Absences: We understand that there may be a day or two when a student may not be feeling well but not need to see a doctor or some other unexpected event occurs. For that reason, we allow students to have two unexcused days out per month (not one or two days per week). More than two days absence per month requires a doctor’s note in order to continue studying within our program.

Following a three strike policy, those students who repeatedly miss classes without such an excuse will be given a maximum of two warning letters clarifying the attendance policy and their specific infraction. On the third violation, that student may be expelled from our program.

Unexcused absences will require make-up classes either on the next available group class or on a private basis. If scheduled on a private basis, a minimum of two hour make-up classes per day are required following the student’s return. Private classes are at the student’s expense. Students are allowed to make up a maximum of two classes per month.

  • Punctuality: Punctuality also dramatically affects student performance and progress; therefore, students who arrive more than 30 minutes after class begins, or do not return to class on time after the break, or leave class early will be marked as late or simply absent. Arriving 15 minutes before the end of class does not constitute attendance and will be marked as absent.

Repeated lateness negatively impacts the performance of the entire class, as it is an interruption to the progress of the class. Students who repeatedly arrive late will be given a maximum of two warning letters clarifying the attendance policy. On the third violation, that student may be expelled from our program.

  • Probationary Status: Underextreme circumstances of student hardship, a probationary status may be given to students who fail to meet the attendance/absence and punctuality requirements on the third violation. The probation period will last 16 weeks. Students will be required to develop a plan with the academic director to address how they intend to improve their attendance. If attendance does not improve at the end of the 16 week period, the
    student will be terminated from the program.
  • Missed Test :Make-up testing exists only as a courtesy to our students who are out sick or experience an emergency situation and cannot attend class the day of the quiz or test. Students who do not have a valid doctor’s excuse will receive an automatic 25-point deduction from their quiz or test score. As a reminder, quiz and test scores are recorded and a final level grade is cumulatively calculated. Only students with scores of 70% and above will pass to the next level; those who do not will need to repeat that level. Without a doctor’s excuse, only one make-up test will be provided per month and must be taken within one week of the originally scheduled exam date.
  • Appeals Process:If a student wishes to appeal probation due to unsatisfactory progress, attendance, or behavior, the student may make a written appeal to the Academic Director. A committee of the Teacher, Academic Director, Administrative Manager and Director will consider the appeal. Students may also appear before the committee to personally present his/her case. Students will receive a response within a 10-day time period. If the appeal is denied, the student will be dismissed from the school.
  • Termination of Enrollment: OLS reserves the right to suspend or terminate any student whose attendance, academic performance, financial standing, or personal behavior does not comply with OLS standards, regulations, and rules.

Our Attendance/Absence Policy is specifically designed to promote the success of all our students. Compliance with this important policy is mandatory and greatly appreciated.