School Policies

Part-time (PT) Students

  1. Students must meet all enrollment application requirements.
  2. Before joining classes, all students are required to take a Proficiency Level Placement Test to determine which classes best suit their needs.
  3. When registering with our school, students will be required to attend classes for the time and program they have chosen.
  4. Students must be punctual. Should a student be more than 30 minutes late he/she will be required to obtain a late pass in order to enter class. (See Attendance/Absence Policies: PT Students)
  5. Students can miss a maximum two days per month. (See Attendance/Absence Policies: PT Students). Unexcused absences will require make-up classes on a private basis. Make-up classes must be taken the next available day with a minimum of two hour-make-up classes per day following the student’s return.
  6. Students must attend the classes they are enrolled in or attend private classes for the same amount of time originally enrolled for. Private classes are at the student’s expense. No credit will be given for the group classes the student misses. Group classes cannot be converted into private classes.
  7. A Part-time Student may enroll in a maximum of 16.5 class hours per week.
  8. Part-time students wishing to attend our Full-time programs must provide proof of immigrant status (U.S. Permanent Resident card/U.S. Passport) or apply for a change of status to F-1 Visa.
  9. Make-up classes cost $45.00 per hour.
  10. All fees must be paid in advance.
  11. Tuition fee payments are due every four (4) weeks starting on the student’s first day of class.
  12. A 10% late fee will be added to payments made 3 or more days after the due date. Students will not be allowed to attend class until payment is made.
  13. If the student cancels or postpones before classes begin, the registration fee is nonrefundable (as registration requires a lengthy administrative process).
  14. If the school cancels classes before they begin, the student will receive a full refund for registration, set up (if all textbooks are returned in new condition), and tuition fees.
  15. If the school cancels classes after they begin, the student will receive a refund for registration and tuition fees for the remaining class hours but not for used textbooks.
  16. It is mandatory that all students enrolled in classes have textbooks in order to participate in classes.
  17. Textbooks should be purchased before a new level begins. Students will not be permitted to attend classes on the third day of not having books. Administrative set-up fee for textbooks is non-refundable if the student cancels or withdraws following the start of classes.  This fee will be refunded if a student is unable to enroll in the program and when the school cancels a class or program.
  18. Students are asked to refrain from using cell phones or other electronic devices during class time other than as a reference tool. Phone calls are to be taken outside of the classroom area.
  19. If students wish to take a vacation while enrolled at the school, it must be scheduled in advance with administration. Students must fill out the Vacation Request Form and wait for its approval.
  20. Returned checks for insufficient funds will result in the student being charged a fee of US$35.00.
  21. All students will receive an OLS Photo ID card, which they must hand to their teachers to scan in and out at the beginning of the Grammar Class and at the end of the Conversation Class on a daily basis. Students are responsible for replacing lost ID cards at a cost of US$5.00.
  22. OLS administrators may periodically enter classes unannounced to monitor instruction for training and quality assurance.
  23. Proper student behavior is mandatory (refer to Student Guidelines). Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Any student misbehaving will be referred to the Academic Director for counseling. Continued misbehavior will result in the removal of the student from classes and a report added to the student’s file which will be passed on to responsible parties. Students who are removed from classes due to inappropriate behavior or failure to comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the student handbook will not receive a refund or credit for the uncompleted portion and may be expelled from our program.
  24. Personal hygiene within group classes is extremely important (refer to Student Guidelines). Those students not adhering to proper personal hygiene will be privately informed of such importance. Continued non-adherence will result in the removal of the student from classes and a report added to the student’s file which will be passed on to responsible parties.
  25. The minimum age requirement for group classes is 16.
  26. Students between the ages of 13 and 15 will be enrolled in separate group classes.
  27. The average number of students per class is 10 with a maximum capacity of 16.
  28. OLS strives to provide a culturally rich class environment by combining students from different nationalities or student from different groups, yet it does not guarantee the mixture of students.
  29. OLS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any classes due to unforeseen circumstances that would risk the health or safety of its students or teachers.
  30. OLS may provide substitute teachers when necessary.
  31. The school will be closed on major national holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day. Classes which fall on those days will not be rescheduled, nor will credit or refund be given to students due to those circumstances.
  32. Students may re-schedule private lessons by requesting the change before 3 p.m. of the working day (Monday — Friday, excluding holidays) preceding the scheduled lessons. If notification is received later than the time indicated, or not at all, student will be charged for the lessons scheduled and not taken, regardless of the reason for wanting to re-schedule.
  33. In case of student dissatisfaction, OLS staff will make every attempt to rectify the root of the complaint. (See Complaint Procedures)
  34. Private students may withdraw up to 3 days after the start date and receive a full refund for lessons not taken. Lessons taken will be charged at standard, private rates, currently $45/hour, which may be greater than the rate applied in the enrollment agreement. There will be no refunds for withdrawals after the third day.
  35. Group/Semi-private students may receive a complete refund if OLS is unable to form a group of the requisite size which if four (4). There will be no refunds or schedule changes for group classes after the third day of class.
  36. Group/Semi-private students may purchase private make-up lessons at most favorable private rates.
  37. In cases where a teacher calls to inform administration that they cannot arrive to class as scheduled and there is either insufficient time to schedule a substitute teacher or none are available on short notice then two courses or levels could be combined temporarily.
  38. Also, in the case where class size falls below four (4) students then two courses or levels may be combined permanently. Only students from a higher level class would join a lower level class and need to repeat previously studied course material thereby ensuring that students do not miss any part of the program. Student not wishing to join a lower level will be offered a refund for the unused tuition portion.
  39. To meet Department of Homeland Security regulations, OLS retains its student records for no less than three (3) years after the student’s Last Date of Attendance (LDA). For up to three years after the student’s LDA, he can still request access to his file, provided that he allow ten (10) business days for administrative staff to process the request. Student records are kept in locked filing cabinets in secure locations to maintain security of their information.
  40. All students are responsible for maintaining enrollment status by following OLS policies. Failure to do so will result in the student’s expulsion from our program.
  41. This tuition payment is valid for 1-4 weeks and must be completed within that time unless otherwise specified by OLS administration. Any fees for lessons not taken by the deadline will be forfeited.
  42. Admission into the school is contingent on the student’s acceptance of the above policies.